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Stufflers is a mobile party activity where kids 'Stuff' their very own teddy bear or plush animal with our 1.5m tall mobile stuffing machine. Stufflers is a fun and easy activity that you can do at home birthdays or onsite at your event.

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Ideas for Day Care Activities in Bridgeman Downs!


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Ideas for Day Care Activities in Bridgeman Downs

 Stufflings Puppets!Searching for Activities for Day-Care or Vacation Care in Bridgeman Downs, Carseldine, Albany Creek, Aspley or McDowall? Build self confidence with the Stufflings Program as kids make their own bear or animal at Kindy or Playgroup. This is a great way to entertain children and can be used as a fundraising activity for your centre as well.  The Stufflings program is available througout Brisbane. 




To enquire, fill out our online Stufflings Program Enquiry Form at


How the Stufflings Program Works:

We provide your centre with our FluffenStuff Machine (with no rental fee) as well as discounted bears or Animals for the attending children to build and take home*.  

Un-Filled Animals and Bears are given to your facility at just $5 each (retails in similar stores for up to $15) when participating in full with our program

Our regular Stufflings Puppets are pictured top right.  Each child may stuff and name from a selection including a cow, donkey, pig and duck.

The Bear Stuffing Machine (FluffenStuff) is left at your centre for a full day or a full week.  You have the option to have the machine delivered or you can pick it up.

We supply your centre with unstuffed (synthetic) animal skins for the children to build into their new best friends at a cost of just $5 each.  (These have a retail value of $15)

The Centre is also supplied with a "Love" Activity and Birth Certificates for the children name their new Furry Friend!



During the year, we have some different themes available including Easter Bunnies at Easter Time and Christmas Bears during the Christmas Season. 

Check our Parent site - online or join our Kids Club to be kept up to date of new themes!


Bringing a Stufflers Elephant to Life                                                                                                       Stufflers Birth Certificate

Elephant Stuffing   Stufflers Birth Certificate

You can hold a Stufflings Program to raise funds for any cause!  Does your centre need new equipment?

* All kids must be registered in our Stufflers Kids Club, with fully completed parent permission forms to receive these special prices.  A minimum number of 30 children need to participate. If more than 50 children take part, we provide FREE DELIVERY!

 FluffenStuff Machine

 FluffenStuff Bear Stuffing Machine